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www.chinadenmark.com is a multimedia company for bridging Chinese and Danish users closer in developing interests, knowhows and mastering the art of pursuing happiness. This digital platform will operate as a contact point and a market place for general public, organizations, civil societies and government agencies in China and Denmark. We offer branding, PR and communication campaign, copyright, forum and social cultural events in and between China and Denmark.

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We believe happiness is one of the most complex personal and social problems facing millions people and many societies around the world. We believe the way to solve this problem is by mastering how to understand, communicate, act, share and cultivate happiness through a connected and dedicated community.

Our vision is to increasing people’s happiness through communicating, learning, acting and sharing from real examples in China and in the rest of the world; to create one of the best nation to nation digital gateway for better and more effective country promotion through ‘one stop shop’ web portal and its happiness related products and services; to promote greater understandings and appreciations between China and your country through meaningful economic, social and cultural interactions on happiness.
Our mission is to offer high quality digital media contents on happiness and happiness related goods and services in order to reach a combined market of more than 700 million online Chinese digital citizens and 40 millions of Chinese speaking media users worldwide.

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囍 Happiness Makes the World Go Around 囍

Together we can make a change

We are living in a more and more connected world, therefore, an online digital media platform will be the competitive and sustainable choice for delivering our happiness goals across time, geographic locations, social and cultural boundaries. Our core markets and customers are hundreds of millions of today’s digital saviours with middle class purchasing power and behavior in China and Denmark, China and Denmark interested students and employees, Chinese communities in Denmark and Danish communities in China, Chinese companies in Denmark and Danish companies in China, NGOs and institutions, government agencies, Chinese Danish families and their children, sister cities between China and Denmark.
Our business is to show people that happiness is possible and happiness need a higher social value status. There are millions of unhappy people, but there are also millions of people have experienced and are experiencing ways of being happy weather as an individual or as a society. Denmark is ranked as the happiest country in the world while china is No. 83 in the 2016 the World Happiness Report. Things are improving but there is still a need for greater information, communication and social movements aimed to gain knowledge, know-how and to practice how to build happiness for individual and for society. The stories of Danish experiences are worthy to be told and be shared through a digital media platform that is open, efficient and inclusive. Therefore, the unique value we like to add to people’s life is The Happiness – a priceless state of mind. The Happiness in different forms and ways is what we are bringing to our customers and to our community members. In details, our core businesses for supporting our unique values are: 1) to be the first and best choice for millions of Chinese and Danish users to exchange information and to communicate on happiness. 2) to be the market place for Chinese and Danish organizations to demonstrate their various CSR approaches and actions on happiness for people and society. 3) To be the biggest online social media networking platform for sharing happiness in China and Denmark. 4) To be the contact point for serving our online community members. 5) to be part of China Nordic digital media network companies for providing better country branding service that is targeting the Chinese speaking audience worldwide.

Please drop your happiness to us: contact@chinadenmark.com