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CoFilm is a film co-production platform for Chinese and Danish film makers. Here you can find latest film project, workshop, networking event for film investor, producer, director, cinematographer, screenwriter, actor, editor and game designer.

Co-production Project

The Chinese Widow - A Liu Yifei Movie 劉亦菲 電影《烽火芳菲》 珍珠港事件后为了鼓舞士气,美国时任总统下令轰炸东京。在任务完成后,由于燃油耗尽,杰克·特纳上尉以及他的队员迫降在中国浙江省境内。英子和她女儿无意中发现了昏迷的杰克,尽管冒着极大的生命危险,英子依然没有放弃这位需要救助的美国人。尽管他们语言不通,但这段感情注定将会影响他们一生。影片通过中国军民用自己的生命救助美国飞行员的过程,再现烽火岁月下人性真善美的故事。 烽火芳菲获第20届上海国际电影节 (2017) 金爵奖(提名)。 https://youtu.be/3KLzs8mB7FM  

CoFilm Director

Bille August

Bille August (born 9 November 1948) is a Danish Academy Award-winning film and television director. His 1987 film Pelle the Conqueror won the Palme...

Susanne Bier

CoFilm Actor

Sidse Babett Knudsen

Sidse Babett Knudsen (born 22 November 1968) is a Danish actress who works in theatre, television and film. Knudsen made her screen debut in...

Esben Smed


Alba August

CoFilm Screenwriter


Madam Yan (born 16 November 1958) is a prominent Chinese-American writer, author of several novels, short stories and screenplays. Much of her work has...

CoFilm Cinematographer

Dan Laustsen

Dan Laustsen, ASC, DFF (born 15 June 1954) is a Danish cinematographer. He is a member of the Danish Society of Cinematographers and the...

CoFilm Chinese Producer


Wanda Film Group is one of the world leading film investor and production company. Wanda Cinemas is its cinema operator in China, headquartered in...


Huayi Brothers Media Co. is a Chinese multinational entertainment company that owns a film studio, a television production company, a talent agency, a record...


Bona Film Group, is a Chinese production company, involved in the production, co-production and distribution of films from China and Hong Kong. It is...


Shanghai Film Co. Ltd is one of the P.R. China's early established film production company. In the last 70 years, it produced many well...


Emei Film Group is etablished in 1958. It has produced more than 300 films and 3000 TV serious and the company has won a...


China Film Co-production Cooperation is established in 1979 and it is the only authorized film company in China for international film co-production. It has...

CoFilm Star

CoFilm Danish Producer

SAM Productions

SAM is a screenwriter-based production company, with the ambition of working with the strongest talent from the world of TV series and feature films....

A. Film Production

A. Film Production A/S is a Danish animation studio currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark. It produces traditional and CGI animation for feature films, television,...


Snowglobe is a film production company established in Copenhagen in August 2015 by producers Mikkel Jersin, Katrin Pors & Eva Jakobsen. With its strong international...

Nimbus Film

Nimbus Film blev etableret i 1993 af Birgitte Hald og Bo Ehrhardt - begge uddannet som producere fra Den Danske Filmskole. https://youtu.be/fNU1knTn8Xo Vi var bag den...


Zentropa blev grundlagt i 1992 som et resultat af samarbejdet mellem instruktør Lars von Trier og producer Peter Aalbæk Jensen på spillefilmen Europa. De...

Nordisk Film

Nordisk Film is a leading Nordic entertainment company and is part of Egmont. Nordisk Film develops, produces and markets films and TV series across the...

Film Festival, Award and Fan Club

Here are the diverse film festivals, prestige film awards happenings and film fan activities in the world of Chinese and Danish films.

CoFilm Network

New Creation

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Film co-production can move the world

Today, Chinese film market is the world biggest with yearly ticket sales exceeding $7.6 billion in 2018. Chinese TV market is the world second biggest with its TV production expenditures over $11 billion in 2018. Yet, there are still continuous growing potentials for the Chinese culture and entertainment industry including film, TV program, online video stream and esport. But, how to make your next project successful in China? Therefore, CoFilm is the platform specially designed for co-creation, co-production and co-ownership between China and Denmark. We will help you to work out your doubts and challenges. We also want to build long term prosperous through solid professional training, film making and networking between Chinese and Danish professions. Together, we can make your stories to reach over one billion Chinese speaking audiences around the world.