AUDIO:VISUALS is CPH:DOX’s concert series, that invites you to immerse yourself into unique performative experiences that combines visuals and music in special venues and unusual settings.

Danish and international musicians are challenged by renowned filmmakers, visual artists or films from the program – and they are giving themselves the opportunity to develop their own visual and auditory experiments.

AUDIO:VISUALS has been expanding the Danish concert scene every year since 2010. Over the years it has resulted in a number of unique and distinctive concerts – and this year is no exception! In addition to the Choir of Young Believers, Jenny Wilson has been confirmed in the lineup with a very special #MeToo evening that was sold out fast.

In addition to Jenny Wilson, the Thexx (dj-set), Hot Chip (dj-set), Blondage, Liima, Schultz & Forever and Saint Cava will also play at the festival while BBC Planet Earth II – live in concert, with music composed by Hans Zimmer and Rane Willerslev as host is the first AUDIO: VISUALS event this year.

EXEC vs. ‘LoveSex’
The Veto frontman has composed the music for a mini-series about different youngsters’ relationship to sex and romance. Experience both, live and on-screen, during a highly intimate evening.

Dan Deacon vs. ‘Time Trial’
The hyperactive electronic musician Dan Deacon is this year visiting CPH:DOX, and with him he has the soundtrack for the film ‘Time Trial’, about the former cyclist David Millar’s struggle to return to the Tour De France after several years of being banned for doping. After the film, we change gears as Dan Deacon comes racing in from Baltimore and takes to the stage with one of his audience-enthralling and high-energy live shows. NB: Spontaneous dance contests may occur! With a wealth of both catchy and complex releases, Deacon has generated a large fanbase with his masterful skill of combining sonic textures in constantly new ways.

Goodiepal & Pals vs. ‘The Goodiepal Equation’
Spoiler alert! We continue where the film about the self-proclaimed Aarhus techno warrior ended, and invite you to a concert with modern political battle songs. In ‘The Goodiepal Equation’ we follow Goodiepal, the avantgarde scene’s answer to Harry Houdini, and how he over the past 25 years has reinvented both himself and his artistic mission countless times. At the end, he forms the activistic and political band Goodiepal & Pals together with a team of very young and hopeful musicians. Since forming the band, they have been on tour in Eastern Europe and Russia, where all the profits they made have gone untouched to refugees at Europe’s borders. Tonight, they are back on the Danish stage to keep the fire burning and give us a show filled with surprises and political diatribes. The concert is organised in collaboration with G((o))ng Tomorrow og Alice.

Final Party: ‘Studio 54’ + Hot Chip (dj-set) & Natbar!
Felix from Hot Chip spins the turntables at this year’s Final Party, after the screening of a brand new film about the legendary nightclub Studio 54. And last, but in no way least… This year’s Final Party! And it could hardly get any better. Felix from the London-based band Hot Chip has tailor-made a disco-inspired dj set just for tonight at Bremen Teater, on the occasion of our special screening of the brand new film ‘Studio 54’ about the legendary New York nightclub of the same name. In the late 1970s, Studio 54 was the world’s party venue number one. An ultra-hedonistic and ultra-tolerant disco paradise, and it’s in this spirit that we invite everyone to conclude this year’s festival with an unforgettable disco party.

Curated by The xx: Lust for Youth + afterparty
The synthpop trio plays a special concert at the Aveny-T theatre stage, curated by The xx who calls the group their ‘top choice for Danish band!’. Before The xx’s Oliver Sim returns to London after CPH:DOX, he and the band has pointed out a Danish live band for the final night: Lust for Youth, a group that for the first time will perform at a seated concert in the beautiful and atmospheric surroundings of Frederiksberg’s Aveny-T theatre. The group was formed in 2009 a solo project by Hannes Norrvide and has since expanded to include Malthe Fischer and Soho Rezanejad. Together they have continued to refine their melancholic new wave and to attract international attention – also from other bands like The xx.

Choir of Young Believers
There is spiritual and Arab mystery in the air when the experimental pop band performs new music for the first time at Betty Nansen’s Theatre. Choir of Young Believers lift the veil on their brand new songs, which according to the lead singer Jannis Noya Makrigiannis are inspired by the spiritual cult ‘The Riders of the True Path’. And after the praised and fragmented album ‘Grasque’, which varied between pulsating techno beats, kitschy brass, synthesizers and samples, you can (luckily!) not be sure of anything any more. In spite of hits such as ‘Hollow Talk’, which blasts out of Danish and Swedish television sets every Sunday evening as the opening melody of ‘The Bridge’, Makrigiannis has moved in new directions for each album. Together with the artists Sara Laub, Emilie Sofie Hyttel and the Plum twins, he is bringing along visuals that have been specially created for tonight.

Shirley Collins: Film + concert
This year’s closing event is a bit of a scoop! The legendary 82-year-old folk singer is visiting Denmark for the first time with a concert and a new portrait film. Occult, pagan natural mysticism from the English countryside meet the popular ballad tradition in the folk singer Shirley Collins’s supernaturally beautiful voice. As a youngster, she and her sister Dolly were a part of the English folk music revival of the 1960s and 1970s. Shirley’s ascetic singing and Dolly’s simple piano and organ arrangements of the old ballads captured the English folk soul, but suddenly Shirley lost her voice. Today – over 30 years later – she has inspired folk musicians around the world, and now she and her Lodestar Band is ready to take to the stage again and mesmerise her audience. See her perform for the first time on Danish soil at CPH:DOX in Kunsthal Charlottenborg after the screening of the new, beautiful documentary ‘The Ballad of Shirley Collins’. A beautiful ending to this year’s festival. The evening is organised in collaboration with the concert venue Alice.

Silvana Imam: Film + concert
A film and concert at Hotel Cecil with the Swedish-Syrian Silvana, who raps from the feminist front and has taken the North by storm. Silvana Imam went from underground singer to cult icon when the song ‘Imam’ suddenly reached the top of the charts in Sweden and made her the front figure of a new political youth movement on behalf of young minorities. One of this year’s best music films, ‘Silvana’, follows Silvana Imam for several years, and after tonight’s screening of the film in our home-made cinema at Hotel Cecil, we will clear away the chairs and give the stage to Silvana herself, who will give us a live performance, which is guaranteed to make both the patriarchy and the surrounding neighbourhood tremble The evening is organised in collaboration with Broadly.

Søren Kjærgaard: Studies For Video Keyboard
An audiovisual project, where the improvising composer has created a whole new instrument: the video keyboard. The film director Andreas Johnsen has filmed and documented Søren Kjærgaard’s original piano playing at various locations and from all sorts of angles. The horizontal orientation of the keys, the dance of the pedals, the aural space of the strings. The material is cut up, sampled and laid out on a brand new instrument, the video keyboard, where the observant look is turned into an evocative expression, which unfolds in an abstract and multilayered space of moods, temperaments and paces. The references include everything from Conlon Nancarrow, Györgi Ligeti and Steve Reich to stride piano, Brian Eno, J Dilla and Flying Lotus. The project is the result of a longer artistic research project around solo performance, which Søren Kjærgaard has worked with since 2016, and rumours have it that the record company Escho is ready with a double vinyl release of the work.

Exorcism: An evening with Jenny Wilson
The Swedish pop star confronts the culture of sexual assault against women when she invites us to short films, a listening session, a mini-concert and a DJ set on the opening night at Kunsthal Charlottenborg. Jenny Wilson – the queen of alternative Scandinavian pop music – has chosen to talk and not remain silent. ‘This is the hardest thing I have done. In so many ways,’ she says about the personal and autobiographical album ‘Exorcism’, which will be released on the last Friday of CPH:DOX. The record is about sexual abuse and is an answer to the #Metoo movement’s call to action. Tonight, Jenny Wilson has curated some short films that will warm the audience up – and maybe harden it – for an exclusive preview and listening session of the new album, which Jenny herself will elaborate on further. After the pre-release, there will be an intimate mini concert, until the evening culminates in a specially curated circle kick of a girl power DJ set in the foyer of Charlottenborg Kunsthal.

Schultz & Forever vs. Magnus Bach
Jonathan Schultz and his band mix 80s-synth emotions and reverberating rebellions into irresistible pop gems. Come and experience them at Hotel Cecil! The charismatic songwriter Jonathan Schultz has announced that Schultz & Forever’s latest album ‘Grand Guignol’ is a kind of coming-of-age album, which encapsulates three years of personal and musical upheavals. The laid-back sound of previous albums has been replaced by synth solos and playful guitar riffs, and he doesn’t hold back with catchy and shameless frequencies. Great thoughts, emotions and conflict are woven together, and the result evokes that particular feeling of vulnerable and invincible youth. Experience the rebirth of Schultz & Forever as they perform a concert with new songs and live visuals by the album’s visual conceptualist Magnus Bach. The concert is organised in collaboration with the venue Hotel Cecil.

BBC Planet Earth II – Live in Concert
We guarantee goosebumps and dropping jaws when we screen the BBC’s spectacular nature documentary series on a giant screen with an 80-musician symphony orchestra. How do you elevate the magnificent scenery of BBC’s monumental ‘Planet Earth II’ to new and even more epic heights? With an 80-musician strong symphony orchestra, of course! The first ‘Planet Earth’ from 2006 changed our view of the world of nature with its incredible footage of the planet’s animal and plant life, accompanied by Hans Zimmer’s Oscar-winning music and Sir David Attenborough’s fantastic narrator’s voice. Now the sequel is here, and for this special concert release of part II, the BBC has selected and edited together brand new material, which will be shown in 4K-Ultra-HD on Denmark’s largest screen. The director of the National Museum of Denmark, Rane Willerslev, is tonight’s master of ceremonies. The concert is organised by BBC Worldwide, FKP Scorpio and Beatbox Entertainment in collaboration with CPH:DOX.

Snoh Aalegra
Swedish R&B melancholy and powerful attitude is in the high seat when an upcoming shooting star stops by at Hotel Cecil. With Prince as a former mentor and the hip-hop guru No I.D. as a producer, there is no doubt that the Persian-Swedish and LA-based artist and singer Snoh Aalegra will be huge very soon. Her soul-influenced R&B has an atypical edge of melancholy and long, Swedish winter nights. But the voice and the style are completely her own. And at this special event you can experience Aalegra live at the atmospheric, small stage at Hotel Cecil, with a gorgeous visual set-up created just for tonight. A young star who has both good songs and the right attitude. The concert is organised in collaboration with Hotel Cecil and Beatbox Entertainment.

The Danish duo behind Rangleklods is back with catchy, experimental pop, with visual counterbalance added to the mix at Hotel Cecil. Behind Blondage are Esben Andersen and Pernille Smith-Sivertsen, formerly known as Rangleklods. But change and new energy was needed, and this is precisely the essence of Blondage. Unlike the gloomy universe of Rangleklods, Blondage uses the pastel-coloured palette of the pop genre which give the melodies an edge and energy with crunchy hooks and warped samples. The reviewers have called the duo ‘irresistible’ and a ‘tribute to the new ways of pop music’. Blondage’s experimental pop is supported by visuals that will elevate the compositions’ playful nature to new heights at Hotel Cecil. The concert is arranged together with Hotel Cecil.

Scenatet & Pamplemousse
The two experimental ensembles get together for a legendary double concert under Nikolaj Kunsthal’s beautiful arches. In a joint exploration of new, musical spheres and aural worlds, the two internationally acclaimed experimental ensembles SCENATET (DK) and Ensemble Pamplemousse (US) meet for a double concert at Nikolaj Kunsthal’s beautiful space. The bands will hold a concert on their own and come together to create one big musical collective, which fuses Pamplemousse’s vibrant mix of instrumental music and multimedia with SCENATET’s conceptual and multi-artistic finesse. An exquisite musical evening, where Pamplemousse brings along new works, and SCENATET performs the Danish premiere of the brand new work ‘Freunde’, composed by Christian Winther Christensen. The concert is organised in collaboration with Nikolaj Kunsthal.

Iris Gold
‘Janaelle Monae meets Erykah Badu’. Funky Friday night with the ‘M.I.A’ film, a free concert with the major talent Iris Gold and an afterparty with Natbar DJs. At the age of just 27, the critically acclaimed Danish-Jamaican musician Iris Gold has already performed with names such as Blur, Taylor Swift and Robbie Williams. Her mix of power-pop and hip-hop oozes both 1970s flower power and afro-futurism. Together with Natbar, we invite you to a free concert with the shooting star after the screening of ‘Matanga / Maya / M.I.A.’ about the Sir Lankan superstar M.I.A., one of this year’s best music films. After the film Iris Gold will give a live performance which is described a ‘Janaelle Monae meets Erykah Badu’, and afterwards Natbar will continue the party with their house DJs.

Reference: 2018