Copenhagen Fashion Week hosts the Nordic Region’s largest fashion event in each year’s February and August in the city of Copenhagen.

As industry movers and shakers get dressed and ready for a week of sartorial extravagance, the runways come alive with a diverse cast of fashion talents — Danish and international, new and established, classy and street.

Meanwhile, the trade fairs, CIFF, CIFF KIDS, CIFF Raven and Revolver boast upwards of 1,100 exhibitors representing more than 2,500 international collections in all categories of style.

Scandinavian fashion is known for its unique take on design, which marries modern elegance to playful aesthetics and conceptions of dress. A contemporary approach to fashions both feminine and masculine is expressed in fresh silhouettes, innovative fabrics and sharp color schemes, all in unsurpassed qualities. These are only a few of the reasons why a large number of international buyers, designers and press attend Copenhagen Fashion Week twice a year.

Of course, the other main attraction to see is Copenhagen itself. It’s a cozy yet metropolitan harbor city that offers a rich array of design venues, cultural events, shops, cafés, bars and nightlife.

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Enjoy Copenhagen Fashion Week 2018