www.chinadenmark.com is a multimedia web portal for bridging Chinese and Danish digital media users closer in developing interests, knowhow and mastering the art of pursuing happiness. The www.chinadenmark.com will achieve this objective with 1) A multilingual website in Chinese, Danish and English 2) An ongoing video casting of Chinese and Danes their everyday real life stories and know how on how to pursuing happiness through study, work, life style, family, childcare, health, travel, eldercare, values of welfare society, innovation, investment and sustainable development as our unique selling point. 3) A dedicated membership based community jointly act on how to realize happiness and be rewarded by the fulfilment. This ‘one stop shop’ web platform will also operate as a contact point and a market place for general users, business, organizations, special interests groups, civil societies and government agencies in China and Denmark. The website’s revenues come from membership subscription fees, purchases of goods and services, produce digital media contents for business and organizations, advertising, Big Data analysis, branding, sale, PR and communication campaign, trading copyrights, organizing forum and social cultural events in and between China and Denmark.

Our vision is to increasing people’s happiness through communicating, learning, acting and sharing from real examples in China and Denmark; to create one of the best nation to nation (N2N) digital gateway for better and more effective country branding through ‘one stop shop’ web portal and its happiness related products and services; to promote greater understandings and appreciations between China and Denmark through meaningful economic, social and cultural interactions on happiness.

Our mission is to offer high quality digital media contents on happiness and happiness related goods and services in order to reach a combined market of 700 million online Chinese ‘digital citizens’ and 3.5 millions of digital media users in Denmark. Consequently, we will reach 5 million active online users within 2 years, within this unique users group we will maintain 1 million royalty program based community members within 3 years. Therefore, our ambitious business goals need robust funding in the first 3 years of business development period. Our financial goal is to serve one million Club Happiness membership subscribers with attractive offerings in order to secure an average monthly spending around RMB 100 per member. The overall business goal is to create a happy work place for employee, a profitable and sustainable business for the local community first in Denmark then expending to China, be part of the best Scandinavia digital media networks specialised for the Chinese speaking users.

Www.chinadenmark.com is started by a group of Chinese and Danes who studied, worked and lived in China and Denmark for many years. We understand thick and thins of this cross culture world. Many of our start up members also has a family and children of both nationalities. We have a strong personal interests and experiences in cultivating this web portal and its related community in the long run. The members of Club Happiness will act as our royal reference group to improve our relevance, value proposition and value offerings in order to achieve our shared common goals for delivering happiness inspired media contents. Www.chinadenmark.com is funded through public funding, crowd funding and other selected capital investments who well fit in our mission and values offerings.