Royal Farm’s vision is to build on the proud Danish agricultural traditions and continue to provide the healthiest, freshest and most delicious milk products specifically for children, adults and the elderly.

The Danes are said to be the happiest people in the world. A significant part of this honor is that Denmark is a safe and secure country to live in – not least when it comes to food safety.

From birth, we are brought up with quality foods that meet strict government requirements. Foods that enhance our physical and mental health, and is the very foundation of our healthy upbringing.

Royal Farm is a mix of experienced food specialists and Danish farmers with generations of experience in cultivation and animal husbandry.

The common denominator is our strong opinions when it comes to Royal Farm’s products. We do not believe in mass production and our collaboration is based on mutual respect for Danish quality ingredients and healthy, innovative recipes.

That is also why we are present in the entire process – from cow to glass. We are not in this business to grow our company. We are here to provide the best glass of milk for you and your family.

This user centered approach is the Danish mentality at its best – and at Royal Farm, we are convinced that this attitude is well embedded in our products. Which is why we are not afraid to say it out loud:

Royal Farm is the organic taste of Denmark.

Contact Information:
Indiakaj 20, DK-2100 Østerbro, Copenhagen Denmark
Tel: +45 40 12 37 76

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