Copenhagen is growing both in resident numbers and economic activities. Even this most livable city in the world needs more space for new comers and business. As Apple, Google and Amazon are all building their new data centers in Denmark, the digital future is bright for the capital city.

The project ‘Holmene’ of making 9 artificial islands in the south west 10 KM away from Copenhagen:

  • 3.1 million square meters (33 million square feet) of new land
  • Space for up to 380 new businesses
  • 700,000 square meters of nature
  • 17 kilometers of new coastline
  • More than $8 billion (€7.2 billion) in economic activity

This new urban development project will be financed by saling off its plots from the 9 islands. Developers plan to construct its first island in 2022 and complete the last in 2014. Currently the project undergoing a parliament prove process.