The Ice King

A perfectionist, rebel and icon. A portrait of the British ice skater John Curry, who transgressed all norms in his turbulent life.

John Curry is a man of contradictions. The Olympic ice skating medalist, who in 1976 came out as the first openly homosexual Olympian at an intolerant time, was both a perfectionist, a rebel, a superstar and an outsider. Extreme discipline and inner doubt have been the two opposite poles of Curry’s life since his childhood, both as an artist (you should see him in action!) and as a deeply private person, who all his life has sought love, affirmation and forbidden pleasures. In a wonderful mosaic of archive material, ‘The Ice King’ paints a picture of a modern icon, who defied the tragedies of his life and dedicated his years to performing perfection. Inspired by ballet, he revolutionised the sport from being a macho discipline to being the very epitome of athletic elegance. A manoeuvre that was a radical break from the conservative norms and ideals of masculinity that defined those times, and which contrasted with the often extreme lifestyle he led to fend off his demons.