København Zoo eller Zoologisk Have i København er på 11 ha og en af Europas ældste zoologiske haver. Den ligger på Frederiksberg ved Roskildevej på Valby Bakke.

Zoo’s mission

Since 1972 Zoo has been an independent institution that displays characteristic animal species to the public. Zoo is a cultural institution with social tasks of:
• Recreational kind
• Enlightening kind
• Scientific kind

Zoo should increase the public’s interest in and understanding of the nature and its diversity through experiences based on relevant, activating and entertaining communication.

Zoo must participate actively in the international efforts to preserve animal species, and thereby contribute to the preservation of the diversity of nature.
All these activities must be based on a scientific foundation.

Zoo must be:
• The leading cultural institution in the country in terms of innovative communication and education, including environmental communication and sustainability.

• Known and respected for its high standard in relation to husbandry and animal enclosures and as an attraction where good architecture and design emphasizes the value of the experience.

• Known and respected as the leading information center in terms of exotic animals and the conservation of their habitats in the wild.

• Known and respected as an active nature conservation organization with a global perspective and network.

• A company with high ethical standards.

• A company where the guest is in focus.

• Amongst one of the companies with the most motivated, well-qualified and well-trained employees in the European zoo- and aquarium world.

• A company with a financial basis that secures the accomplishment of the mission.

The vision and mission is the basis for all of Zoo’s work.

Info: https://www.zoo.dk/en/about/organization/